Ride The BullCoin (RTB)




RideThe BullCoin “RTB” was created by experienced miners as a Meme coin for crypto enthusiasts to participate in the excitement of the upcoming Crypto Bull Run and many more after that.


Utilizing the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid “KISS” and the no BULLSH!T “No BS” approach, RTB is aimed to not overthink what is needed to enjoy a Crypto Bull Market: A strong blockchain, a wallet to store your coins, platform(s) for trading and of course, a strong community to enjoy together.

RTB Blockchain:

RTB is an independent blockchain built utilizing Antara framework and Komodo’s Smart Chain Technology, adopting all its great features and strengths. Without carrying on and on about Komodo, you can check them out at www.komodoplatform.com or ask about it in our discord server.


Mining Algo: Equihash 200,9
Block Time: 1 minute
Initial  Block Reward: 50 RTB (See Whitepaper.pdf for a more detailed Table)
Block Reward Reductions: 17.6% Every 129k blocks (Approx. 3 Months) 
Yes. Fast eras. Saddle in cause it’s going to be a Fast Ride!!
Total Supply: Approximately 37,000,000 RTB (10 years till End of Mining Rewards)
Coinbase Maturity: 180 blocks

Collection Address: 1% of every block (Address of wallet will be published) for Development/Exchanges/Marketing /Airdrops. Yes this is slightly inflationary, but how important is the final circulating supply. How many will hang onto The Bull (or Bull Rope) and ride to the end? Again, it’s for the Crypto Bull Run not Bear run. If it lasts, so be it, that bridge will get crossed when it’s time.

As quantity in the Collection Address increases (over time) the lower the price will need to be to reach a goal.

After 129,000 blocks (Approximately 3 Months), Collection Address will have approximately 64,500 RTB. 
If sold at a price of $0.1, there will be $6450 available for development or exchange listings or 64,500 RTB for airdrops/giveaways. 
Selling will not occur on an exchange if it causes significant price impact due to low liquidity. 
Selling will occur via OTC (Caldera Discord Bot) or AtomicDex.

As time goes on, coins will accumulate. Therefore reducing the price needed to reach a goal. Vice versa, if sold at a higher price, less coins are needed to reach a goal. 

Unique Features of RTB Blockchain:

• ZERO (0) Pre-mine
• Utilizes AdaptivePoW. Makes blockchain less susceptible to difficulty spikes and aides in diff stranding.
• Coinbase Maturity of 180 blocks. This helps ward off large mining hashrate from attacking the blockchain.
• Fast/Often Block Reward Reductions. Approximately every 3 months, rewards will be reduced leading to less emissions within a short timeframe.

Coin Emissions:

As you can see, reductions will happen quickly, approximately every 3 months.


Still utilizing the No BULLSH!T “No BS” approach (no one likes BS promises), this depends on the success and wants of the community.But here’s a start on;

• Phase 1- Launch Blockchain. 
• Phase 2- Work towards adding RTB to AtomicDex. 
• Phase 3- Exchange listing.
• Phase 4- Accumulate coins in Collection Address for next action determined by the community. Could be an airdrop/giveaways, marketing or an exchange.
• Phase 5- Keep accumulating coins and reach the next goal.

Community & Marketing Strategy:

Utilize major social media platforms such as but not limited to: 
• Website
• Bitcointalk Forum
• Discord
• Twitter/X

Marketing can be done on websites that many crypto enthusiasts visit frequently. Community will have input on what the funds will be spent on.


RTB coin has been created as a meme coin for those in crypto to participate in the upcoming Crypto Bull Run. With a Keep-It-Simple-Stupid “KISS” and a No BULLSH!T “No BS” approach, RTB has the potential to be fun and give people the opportunity to Ride-The-Bull during the Crypto Bull Run and into the future. 

So, are YOU ready to ride?